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Onur Seçki, hailing from Istanbul, is a multi-talented artist who defies musical boundaries as a Music Producer, DJ, Percussionist, and Composer. Drawing inspiration from his percussion background and oriental heritage, he merges eastern and western electronic music styles, crafting captivating compositions that transcend genres and borders.

With a dynamic discography spanning Afro House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Onur captivates audiences worldwide with his meticulously curated tracks. His live performances, characterized by energetic percussion rhythms and dynamic beats, have enthralled crowds at reputable venues like Soho House, Zoe Garden, Klein, Spago, W Istanbul, Galataport, Setup Kabatas, and Grand Pera, as well as renowned festivals such as Summerdaze Festival.

Sharing the stage with esteemed acts of the electronic music scene, including Zuma Dionys, Anatolian Sessions, Omeria, Joachim Pastor, Hannes Bieger, and Brigado Crew, Onur Seçki’s career continues to ascend, driven by his unwavering dedication and passion for pushing artistic boundaries. With each release and live show, he invites listeners on a transcendent musical voyage, leaving an indelible mark on the global music landscape.



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Listen to the latest released music

4 November 2023


Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Modern Dance Company MDTistanbul starts the 2023-24 art season with its five-piece program called DANCE ADRENALIN. The first piece “I See You” is composed and by Korean choreographer Dong Kyu Kim, who worked with MDTistanbul in previous seasons. The music of the 4 choreographies named “Bahar”, “Koz”, RESIDE/Dreams Must Be Seen 3 Times” and “Anikka” in the show was composed by Onur Seçki.

The new work of MDTistanbul artist Alper Marangoz’s new work “Bahar” and his work “Koz”, which will be exhibited again with its changing cast, Ferhat Güneş, one of the new choreographers of the troupe, during the pandemic İhsan Rüstem, who continues to be the choreographer of “RESIDE/Dreams Must Be Seen 3 Times”, which is the stage adaptation of the short film called “RE-SIDE”, and many well-known dance companies, and also took part in MDTistanbul’s “Akdeniz” night with his “Mantra” choreography in the past seasons. His new work is titled “Anikka”. DANCE ADRENALIN will meet the audience again at the AKM Theater Stage between 28 November and 12 December, after its premiere at the AKM Theater Stage on November 4.



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