Origin: Istanbul, Turkey

Genre:  House, Techno, Ethnic Electronic

Years Active: 2018 – Present

Label: Independent Artist

Website: onursecki.com

Links: mylinks.ai/onursecki


Onur Seçki is an Istanbul based independent electronic music artist from Adana, Turkey. After graduating from high school in his hometown, he moved to Istanbul, where he studied Chemical Engineering – and started learning the ethnic percussion instrument ‘darbuka’ from master Misirli Ahmet. After working a 9-5 job by day and as a percussion performer by night, he shifted his career to audio engineering after graduating from the SAE Institute, Istanbul in 2012. This life changing career shift was an exciting challenge for Onur, as he began his journey to becoming a music producer. While working as an audio engineer, he upgraded his knowledge in music production by doing a masters degree in the field of sound technology.

Pulling from his roots in Turkish traditional folk music and percussive background, Onur started to produce his own music in 2017 as an emotional and creative outlet. Following his graduation, he released his first single ‘Bouka’ in 2018. This single was a reflection of his unique style, uniting the traditional with the contemporary – blended with his ethnic rhythm background.

In 2019, he started performing with the famous Turkish electronic music group Hey! Douglas, and performed at countless events in legendary concert halls and festivals in Turkey. In the same year he released his second single ‘Bosphorus’, featuring his friend Cihan Güneşer.

2020 saw the release of Onur’s oriental flavoured electronic single ‘Arabex’, a searing track that captured the attention of many tastemakers. Fast forward to December 2020, he’s followed up with the new single ‘FIN’ – an intriguing track combining both ethnic and techno influence.