A long story of a musician

Onur Seçki was born in 1987 in Adana, Turkey. At an early age, he was interested in darbuka, which his father played as a hobby. While having a guitar education when he was in high school, he was also practicing darbuka by himself at the same time. After realizing his passion for rhythm, he started focusing on darbuka. In 2005, he moved to İstanbul for a university education. He graduated from Istanbul University, Chemical Engineering department. At university, he attended Misirli Ahmet Rhythm House to improve his darbuka technique as one of the first students of Misirli Ahmet in 2007. He performed in many essential concerts as a member of the Rhythm House Orchestra with the lead of Misirli Ahmet. 

In 2011, he joined the Traveling Notes’11 international classical music festival to perform in the youth orchestra in Yerevan Armenia. During his performances in Armenia, he received an invitation from the famous Brazilian conductor Alex Klein and performed in solo and orchestral concerts at Santa Catarina International Music Festival 2012 (FEMUSC’12, Brazil), as the only musician from Turkey. 

He started studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Istanbul in 2012 as a part-time student and graduated with a diploma degree in 2014. Following graduation, he worked at Babajim Istanbul Studios as an assistant audio engineer and later developed his career in music production. In the following years, he graduated with a successful MSc degree in Sound Technologies from Bahcesehir University in 2017. 

Since 2016, he has been on the stage for percussion performances in the Rhythm of Dance project at Hodjapasha Culture Center. He joined the experimental ethnic-fusion band “Anarchist Republic of Bzzz”, which was established in France in 2017. He performed in many European countries such as France, Germany, Australia, and Slovenia, and took the stage in important festivals such as the Banlieues Blues Festival and Mannheim Jazz Festival where he had the chance to share the same stage with a famous jazz musician Archie Shepp. 

Having launched his first single BOUKA in 2018, the artist has continued to create a rapidly growing audience with the Electro-Oriental style he created by publishing BOSPHORUS in 2019, ARABEX in 2020 and FIN in 2021. Since April 2019, he has been performing as a percussionist with the famous Turkish electronic music project Hey! Douglas.

He composed the music for the “New Life (Yeni Hayat)” contemporary dance show, which was premiered in 2021 by Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, Modern Dance Ensemble, MDT Istanbul, and released the soundtrack album of the piece in October 2022.

Performing at prestigious venues in Istanbul such as W Istanbul, Galataport Rooftop, Zoe Garden, and Grand Pera, the musician continues to increase his audience with growing momentum. He is currently working on his music project with new tracks in Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Ethnic House and Afro House styles while continuing his live DJ performances in Turkey and Europe.